Character Design

On this page I want to show you some of the characters I designed either for school or just for fun. I’m no artist but I still enjoy drawing and creating characters from a storytelling point of view. Some of them appear in stories I write together with friends, with fully fledged backstories and characterizations.

This is a character I did for school. After countless hours of researching for references, sketching multiple versions and designen numerous outfits, this is the final result.

She was suppossed to be some kind of spirit that lives in the forest and is responsible for the protection of the local flora and fauna.

This is Baahir Nabil, another characters created for school. 

As the author of the diary I wrote for my final semester project, he is the main character of his own story. A heartly and friendly man in his fourties and a father of three. He is a pacifist who has always looked critical at the ongoing war in his world. 

When his home country ordered anyone capable to do military service and Baahirs son was in danger to be called in too, he decided to flee. 

Although he started out simply wanting to protect his family, he soon finds himself as one of the leaders of the biggest freedom movement, travelling all over the world in order to help the people in need. And eventually bringing the war to and end.

Raine is another character in Baahirs story and his first ally.

They met when Baahir fled the country together with other refugees on boats.  Raine hoped to eventually find his family if he helps out other people in need. He and his family got seperated when his people were accused of spying by enemy countries and got attacked. 

He joined Baahir in the freedom movement and helped spread the message to every corner of the world.

Eden Wheeler is one of the most renowned doctors world wide and an important ally in the freedom movement of Baahirs story.

What makes him special is the fact that he is, in fact, blind.

The reason why he is still able to operate as a physician is the abilty unique to his race: extraordinary empathie. Eden is able to sense exactly what's bothering his patients and with the help of his human assistant Tina they can treat them accordingly.

Mao is the last main characters of Baahirs story. 

In an effort to convince the queen of the northern country for support the group found themselves in the middle of multiple natural catastrophies caused by the local fairy being Mao.

When western soldiers invaded the country and forced the residents to flee, Mao felt betrayed and punished them with storms and drought.

After they explained the situation they were able to fight back the invasion and made a powerful new ally.