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Hey there, I’m Imke.

I’m a Game Design graduate with a passion for storytelling as well as character design. This page is to show my abilties and give  insight to where my strengths lie.

Have fun looking around!




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My name is Imke Tonn. I’m a twenty-one year old game writer based in germany.

After my three years at Macromedia Academy I graduated as game designer with a specification on storytelling.

Even as a child creating stories and characters has been one of my biggest passions. 

Now, as an adult I want to go further and turn that passion into a job. As a gamer I’ve always been drawn to videogames with immersive storylines and interesting characters. Being moved by the actions in the plot, getting attached to the people within and feeling for them is one of the most vital parts in a story.

I hope that one day I will be able to spark these kind of feelings in other people with my stories.


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